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COEN, CHRIS Name: Chris Coen
AKA: Crispy, Magnolia Sweetblossom, Shawn
DOB: 24 January 1970
POB: Olney, Illinois. United States.
Last known residence: Zapopan, Jalisco, México
Recently sighted: Olney, Illinois.
Occupation: None
Education: BA Philosophy/BA Psychology
           University of Southern California, 1993
Call: KE6BKN
PGP: public key

SUBJECT COEN must be viewed as a reckless subversive with a significant history of fictionally-inspired aspirations. He should be considered a pronounced social threat, due to his comittment to hedonism and social justice. SUBJECT COEN'S efforts to gain assistance with his radical agenda have thus far been limited to enlistment of associates with similarly questionable moral ideals: film students, journalists, graphic artists, admitted homosexuals, objectivists and other suspected criminals. (See Addenum File #2469 on COEN KNOWN ASSOCIATES)

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